Breaking News: Budget 2024 Announces ‘Double Child Benefit Payment UK’ Before Christmas

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An entire host of money helps are on offer through December as families keep on under the pressure of high living costs. These incorporate a double payment of Child Benefit for countless families. A few inquiries are being posed to on BirminghamLive’s Cost of Living page about who gets the extra payment and where it applies.

Guardians need to realize this is just accessible in the Republic of Ireland and not in the UK. Heather Humphreys, Ireland’s Clergyman for Social Insurance, declared for the current week that the Double Child Benefit Payment was being paid out on December 5 to 650,000 families. The action implies that €280 (euros) per child will be offered in appreciation of over 1.2 million children across the State, she said.

Double Child Benefit Payment UK 2024

Double Child Benefit Payment UK 2024
Double Child Benefit Payment UK 2024

Affirming the payment subtleties for the Double Child Benefit Payment being made today, Pastor Humphreys said: “I’m exceptionally satisfied to declare that 650,000 families will get a Double Child Benefit Payment on Tuesday to help them with the cost of living. This implies that families will get payments of €280 per child.

“I’m exceptionally aware of the tension families are under especially in the approached Christmas. Double Child Benefit Payment UK is one of only a handful of exceptional devices inside the Branch of Social Security that I can use to help working families. I know from my days working in the Credit Association how much families rely upon the month-to-month Double Child Benefit Payment UK and I’m glad to declare subtleties of this double payment which will uphold a huge number of diligent families the nation over.”

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In Ireland, Double Child Benefit Payment UK is typically a regularly scheduled payment of €140 for every child and is paid to families with children about all certified children up to the age of 16 years. The payment keeps on being settled up until their eighteenth birthday celebration if they are completely time training or have a handicap.

From September 2024, Child Benefit will be stretched out to 18-year-olds in full-time training in Ireland, the Division of Social Security said. This will cover those at the second level or while they stay in full-time training (until their nineteenth birthday celebration). The action will benefit families with around 60,000 18-year-olds.

Double Child Benefit Payment in Ireland

CountyNumber of FamiliesNumber of Children

In the UK, HM Income and Customs (HMRC) has reported the new week-after-week paces of Child Benefits happening from April 2024. These are:

  • Oldest or lone child: £25.60 (from £24)
  • Extra children: £16.95 (from £15.90)

Child Benefit will be among the benefits where payments are impacted by the Christmas and New Year bank occasions. Child Benefit is commonly paid on a Monday or Tuesday by HMRC. The GOV.UK site affirms that this is how the payment dates will change this Christmas and New Year:

  • Expected date Monday, December 25 – Will be paid on Friday, December 22
  • Expected date Tuesday, December 26 – Will be paid on Friday, December 22
  • Expected date Monday, January 1 – Will be paid on Friday, December 29

Double Child Benefit Payment

Double Child Benefit Payment UK 2024
Breaking News: Budget 2024 Announces 'Double Child Benefit Payment UK' Before Christmas 1

CHILD BENEFIT PAYMENTS will be doubled on a once-off premise “before Christmas” as a feature of the Financial plan 2024, reported today by the Public authority.

Child Benefit payments are being reached out to those who are more than 18 and who are still in optional school.

Serve for Public Consumption Paschal Donohoe said that a Double Child Benefit Payment care recompense will likewise be paid for the current year.

He said that this spending plan incorporates a €400 singular amount payment to beneficiaries of the Functioning Family Payment, to be paid in the not-so-distant future.

Interestingly, this financial plan likewise gives a singular amount of payment to every child in receipt of the Certified Child Increment.

As a feature of measures being acquainted with assistance battling families, the expense waiver for transport administrations will be reached out for one more year.

The current, and previous pace of Child Benefit payments is €140 every month for every child.

Additional Child Benefit payments being announced

Past the extra Child Benefit payments being declared, Tanya Ward, Chief of the Children’s Privileges Union said that Spending Plan 2024 would be a “time to take care of business” for the vast majority of issues confronting children and youngsters.

“If Spending Plan 2024 neglects to increment key payments for families on the most minimal earnings, the quantities of children in destitution will just increment. Last year, the Public authority zeroed in on grown-up-friendly government assistance rates however did little for children on those payments.

“The child care payment hasn’t expanded starting around 2009 even though encourage carers give the best results. It costs the State undeniably more to depend on improper crisis convenience. Neglecting to expand the childcare payment doesn’t appear to be legit,” she said.

Strategies Implemented to Address Child Poverty

Donohoe said an extra € million has been allotted to the Focal Measurements Office for the Experiencing childhood in Ireland Study.

The Certified Child Increment is being raised to €46 each week for under 12s – an increment of €4 for under 12s and to €54 each week for over 12s.

The hot school dinners program is being extended to an extra 900 grade schools in 2024.

The pay limit on the Functioning Family Payment is being raised by €54 each week.

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