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Benefits of the Home Care and Family Support Grant

By: Team Investing Drone

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Grandma Can Stay Home

This grant could help seniors stay in their own homes, surrounded by familiar things, for longer.

Grandma Can Stay Home

Financial help for in-home care could give families a much-needed break from the stress of caring for loved ones.

Family Relief

The grant could allow families to hire qualified caregivers to provide personalized care for their loved ones, right in their own house.

Top-Notch Care at Home

Knowing Mom or Dad is getting the care they need at home can be a huge weight off your shoulders.

Peace of Mind for Everyone

Financial help with in-home care might mean delaying a move to an assisted living facility, which can be expensive.

Hold Off on Assisted Living

Grants could allow family members to keep working while their loved ones receive care at home. No need to choose between work and family!

Working Families Win

In-home care can be customized to each person's needs, unlike some care facilities.

Flexible Care Options

The program could create new jobs for caregivers, boosting the healthcare industry.

New Jobs

Grants could free up family finances for other essential needs, making ends meet a little easier.

Family Financial Boost