How to Apply for an Atomic Grant for Women 2024?

How to Apply for an Atomic Grant for Women 2024?
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Have you heard about the Atomic Grant for Women and wondering if you’re eligible? This program empowered women enthusiastically to seek after their fantasies, and keeping in mind that the application window for 2023 has Closed, finding out about the Atomic Grant’s eligibility requirements and application cycle can be useful for future open doors. This article will investigate the intricate details of the Atomic Grant for Women, including who can apply (atomic grant eligibility) and how to assemble a triumphant application (atomic grant application, how to apply).

Thus, on the off chance that you’re a woman with a business thought or a deep yearning to have an effect, continue to peruse to check whether an Atomic Grant (atomic Small business grant) may be in your future!

What is an Atomic Grant?

What is an Atomic Grant?
What is an Atomic Grant?

Atomic grant for women small business is granted to women to give them the monetary help they need to seek after and advance their meaningful ventures. All women aged 21 and above are eligible to apply to participate, they should simply finish up an application.

An organization called Energy Aggregate Co. controls Atomic Grants. The Energy Aggregate is an association that assists women with finding their interests and gives them the instruments they need to follow them.

They do this by facilitating instructional courses, digital broadcasts, and different occasions. The IT administrations organization Atomic Information Gathering and the charitable Cornerstone Gathering are the backers of the Atomic Grants.

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Atomic Grant Application Rules

Any woman who wants to make a big change in her and others’ lives by following their passions and dreams is awarded this grant. 

  • Application form: Finish up the application Form with the greatest insights concerning your enthusiasm, what it will mean for your life and have an effect in others’ lives, and the way in which the grant will help in accomplishing those objectives.
  • Membership: At the hour of application, you should be an individual from Energy Aggregate. You can do so by simply pursuing their mailing list.
  • Prize money: There is no association, income sharing or value sharing. You shouldn’t take care of it, by the same token. You can involve the grant money in any capacity you need to satisfy your targets.
  • Mandatory for grand winners: In the event that you win the grant, you should share your story in lengthy structure itemized content where you discuss your interests and how the grant money assisted you with satisfying your fantasies. This story will be distributed on Enthusiasm Aggregate’s site and all virtual entertainment channels.
  • Taxes: You’re obligated to pay material duties on the grant money.

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Benefits of Atomic Grant for Women

These awards include a $1500 cash grant, coaching from leading strategy and culture consulting firm Keystone Group International, and a free year of Passion Collective On Demand.

  • Financial boost: The program granted a $1500 cash grant, which could be a huge asset for sending off or facilitating your purposeful venture.
  • Expert guidance: Champs got training meetings from Cornerstone Gathering Global, a counseling firm. This mentorship could give significant vital and business improvement exhortation.
  • Community access: The grant incorporated a free year of enrollment to Enthusiasm Aggregate On Request. This internet based stage interfaces you with an organization of similar women and offers studios and assets for proficient turn of events.

Generally, the Atomic Grant for women offered an exhaustive help bundle that could engage women to transform their thoughts into the real world.

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Atomic Grant for Women Eligibility

However, However, since the Atomic Grant program is currently closed (as of April 26, 2024), we can introduce it such that is more significant for future candidates. Here’s a revised version:

Here’s what we know about eligibility for the Atomic Grant program (assuming it relaunches in the future):

  • Who could apply? Women distinguishing people matured 21 and over, found anyplace on the planet as long as they can get the grant money carefully and remain associated by means of email and web-based entertainment.
  • What kind of projects were funded? Businesses, social networks, support gatherings, or new profession ways that intended to make a positive effect. Critically, the candidate had to possess and be in full monetary control of the task.

While applications aren’t currently being accepted, this information can be a springboard for future opportunities:

Knowing the previous eligibility requirements permits you to check whether your task may be a solid match. You can begin arranging and fostering your thought presently, so you’re prepared to apply in the event that the program opens once more.

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Previous Application Deadlines

The application process for grants is updated every quarter. Dates for grant deadlines are as follows;

  • March 17
  • June 23
  • September 22
  • December 15

Atomic Grant Application

  • Finish up the application structure and should make sense of why you are keen on the grant and how it would work on your life.
  • Make sense of in your application structure why this is essential to you and the sort of impact you trust it will have on yourself or others as plainly as possible.
  • You could get a call to explain a few inquiries in the wake of presenting the application.
  • A lot of applications have been shortlisted by the Energy Aggregate’s group.
  • The applications that make the waitlist will be decided on by the Energy Aggregate people group.
  • To get the money in the event that you are granted the grant, you should consent to the beneficiary arrangement.

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How do I Apply Atomic grant for women?

How do I Apply Atomic grant for women?
How do I Apply Atomic grant for women?

While the Atomic Grant for women is correct now closed (as of April 26, 2024), we can’t give a one small step at a time guide for the application collaboration. In any case, considering information from prior years, we can look at what the application might have looked like:

What to expect in the application process (if the program reopens):

  • There presumably would have been a web based application structure.
  • The design might have mentioned that you depict your errand, its targets, and the constructive outcome it would make.
  • You might have been supposed to get a handle on how you would use the grant money.
  • It’s possible a concise video pitch or a business plan could have been significant for the application.

Documents you might have needed (if the program reopens)

  • It’s likely some basic identification documents would have been required.
  • Depending on your project, you might have needed to submit additional documents like a budget or a letter of support.

How to prepare for a future application (if the program reopens):

  • Develop a clear and concise plan for your project.
  • Consider how the project will create a positive impact.
  • Research what kind of documentation is typically required for grant applications.
  • Stay informed! Keep an eye on the Passion Collective website or social media for any updates about a potential relaunch of the Atomic Grant program.

By being prepared, you’ll be in a strong position to apply if the Atomic Grants become available again.

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Additional Information

While the Atomic Grant for women is no longer accepting applications, here’s some additional information and resources that might be helpful:

  • Passion Collective Website: The program was run by Passion Collective. While their grant program is closed, their website ( might offer updates on future initiatives or similar opportunities.
  • Past Grant Information: Search for articles or archived information about the Atomic Grant for women. Terms like “Atomic Grant 2024 eligibility” or “Atomic Grant winners stories” might lead you to resources detailing the past application process and recipient examples. These can give you a good idea of what to expect if the program restarts.
  • Alternative Funding Resources: There are many organizations that offer grants to women entrepreneurs and initiatives with a social impact. Consider exploring resources like Government Grants ( or searching for grant opportunities relevant to your project’s area of focus.


The Atomic Grant for women program offered a phenomenal chance for women to transform their interests into the real world. While applications aren’t right now being acknowledged, this data can be a significant springboard for what’s in store.

By understanding the previous eligibility requirements and application process (expecting it relaunches), you can set up major areas of strength for a when the program opens once more. Investigate the assets gave to remain informed about potential program refreshes and find elective financing choices.

Keep in mind, despite the fact that the Atomic Grant program is right now shut, there are alternate ways of pursuing your fantasies! Continue to foster your task and don’t abandon your vision. What’s in store holds energizing opportunities for women who are enthusiastic about having an effect.

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